Vehicle Refinancing Solutions

We make it possible to secure better financing terms on your current loan without getting a new vehicle.  We clarify your financing options and offer guidance throughout the entire process.

Mechanical and Credit Protection

Did you buy your vehicle privately? Were you not offered Warranty or Loan Protection?
What's safety and comfort without the right warranty to protect you?

Vehicle Refinancing Solutions

We make it possible to secure better financing terms on your current loan without getting a new vehicle. We help to clarify your financing options and offer our depth of guidance throughout the entire process.

At SafeLend Canada, we want our clients to deeply understand their vehicle options and we want you to make every decision with the utmost confidence.

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We believe you should feel safe and secure
with every one of your financial decisions.

As you scroll down this page, you will better understand how we can help. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly or click to chat with one of our team members.

Automotive Financing

Find the vehicle of your dreams. Secure the car loan approval that you actually deserve. Shop rates and available inventory.

Why work with us?

We have helped many of people with their financing needs.
You can be our next success story.
We had a great experience dealing with Chris
and SafeLend Canda. Their refinance program worked great and they were very thorough. Communication was always clear and timely. It was nice we could add warranty after the transaction. Chris knows how to treat clients and truly works with you for the best outcome.
The York Family
SafeLend was amazing to work with! We did the small application and heard back within 3 hours. To accommodate us, they drove from out of town to our house. We were also given tools to help rebuild out credit... and the interest was low! It's reasonable and fair. They hustle to ensure a smooth transaction and we couldn't be happier! Would recommend to literally anyone who has an interest in refinancing - or even money management. Thanks!
Brandon Armstrong
SafeLend treat every customer like family! They are people who only want the best for their clients as if they were their own mom/dad, grandparent, or child.
Danielle Burton

Re - Financing Your Vehicle

We can help you secure a better loan agreement on your current vehicle.

We are one of the first providers in Canada to focus on offering vehicle refinancing without trading. We can secure a lower interest rate and help you rebuild your credit. You will pay less in interest on your vehicle loan in total and can even easily add an extended warranty on your vehicle that may not currently have coverage.

Multiple Lenders available.

We have access to  different lenders that can help secure difficult approvals and low interest rates.


Approval rate.

Our extensive experience and  relationships with our lenders enables us to secure an exceptionally high approval rate.

A Safe Easy Way To Save You Money!

The Process is so simple, quick and easy, all from the comfort of your own home!

Lower Your Interest & Payments In As Little as 30 Minutes!

Minimal information is required to get started, a copy of your current Vehicle Loan Contract, Drivers License. etc.. and our SafeLend Team will help you every step of the way.

Identity Restoration

Everything we offer is underwritten by top-rated Canadian Insurance Companies.  

Our Id Restoration offers the most up-to-date restoration solutions in Canada. We provide 24/7 service to give you peace of mind as we do the hard work on your behalf allowing you to continue your daily routine.

Weekly Credit Tip!!

If You have funds to pay more then your minimum payment each month, then you should do so. Chipping away at your revolving debt can have a major impact on your credit score because it changes your credit utilization amount and helps keep it low. The lower the credit utilization, the higher the credit score.

How quickly your credit score goes up, depends on how quickly the individual creditors report the balances. Some report daily, and some report monthly. Most larger institutions report monthly. You can call and discuss with your card issuer when they report balances to the credit bureaus.

UNderstanding your credit report

Understanding your credit report is very challenging and difficult to do.  We have put together a special package here for you to be able to understand and read your report.

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

The reality is that recovery from a serious illness is very slow. Few of us are prepared for the crippling financial and credit realities that we will have to face. You may have disability coverages through your employer but these don't cover many of the costs that people incur when they get sick. Click here to learn what options and features are available to protect you and your credit.

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