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Will it affect my credit score?

SafeLend Canada does NOT pull your credit report. Our partnered Lender will pull a report to verify the information given to us. All credit reporting agencies have different credit score formulas. There is always a minor credit score adjustment when your credit file report is pulled.SafeLend does not operate like when people purchase a used vehicle and the dealer shotguns the application off to multiple lenders which will hurt your credit score due to multiple reports. If there is more than one lender working on the application, we are sure to let you know.


How long does this take?

This can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. A lot of the time depends on how readily available the information we need from you is.


What information do you require?

All documentation is completed online. We will require verbal communication over the telephone. The information you will need to provide to SafeLend is Photos of the vehicle including the odometer, and VIN plate or sticker inside the driver door, Copies of Ownership, Valid Insurance slip, Valid Driver License, Void Cheque, or Pre-Authorization Payment form, proof of current rate which is a copy of the old contract, copy of current payout.


Why can’t I do this in a Dealership?

Even though we are partnered with the same lenders as Auto Dealerships work with, the lenders do not allow Auto Dealerships to complete these transactions.  We have special partnerships created with lenders to allow refinancing and keeping your Vehicle.


Why does the Dealership offer this to me?

Your dealer that you purchased the vehicle from will most likely tell you at the time of sale, take this rate now, then come back in a year and we will get you a lower rate, however majority of the time they will not tell you that you will be required to trade the vehicle in and add a whole bunch of negative equity to your new loan.  This will in most cases increase your monthly payment. 



Do I have to get a new safety on the vehicle?

NO! Absolutely not. The registration does not change neither does your insurance. This is strictly a financial transaction that has nothing to do with OMVIC or provincial Dealer Associations.


Do I need to pay the taxes again?

NO! Absolutely not! This is something that dealerships will sometimes offer. Them to buy the vehicle back from you, then re-sell it back to you offering a lowering rate. If you do this you will be required to have a safety completed on the vehicle because the registration will need to go back into the dealer name then they sell back to you. This way they have to sell you the vehicle and charge you the taxes. There is no way around it. The lender also does not know this is a refinance as they will think it is a new purchase. You will even notice the dealership will not complete this through the same lender as you are with.


How does SafeLend profit from this?

SafeLend has a $299.00 processing fee. This is sometimes included in the new Auto Loan or it is paid upfront after the new auto loan has been created.


Is there a catch or a gimmick to this?

Absolutely NOT!SafeLend is one of, if not the only actual Auto Loan refinance companies in Canada that has full partnerships with their lenders.SafeLend is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and has full open transparent lines of communication.


When can I trade my car?

The day after you refinance!  You are not obligated to any length of the contract.  We have you initial the contract beside the area that explains, Loans are open and able to be paid in full or in part with NO PENALTY. 


Can I make extra monthly payments?

YES, you can pay any amount at any time to the lender.


Is SafeLend the bank/lender?

NO, we are partnered with lenders that hold the contracts. We work with all types of credit. The program is designed to help people and reward people for good previous payment history by lowering their rates, payments, or terms.


Can I extend my Term to lower my payment?

This is looked at from our lender partners on a case-by-case basis. We do not suggest or recommend this.


I have a co-signor; do I need them for this?

This depends on how long you have had your current loan. We are willing to discuss having a co-signor removed if that is something that you wish to speak about


How hard is it to get approved?

We have created a pre-qualification process and tool that allows us to be able to let you know the chances of approval before any credit checks are completed. If there are any concerns, we will advise you of them upfront.



I no longer work, can I refinance?

YES! People on ODSP or Disability are able to refinance.


How did you get my information?

If you received a call from us, in the past you have filled out a refinance form on a social media site or even our website. We have been working on this program since early 2020.


Where are you located?

Our team works from the comfort of their home, just like you get to refinance from the comfort of your home. Our main office is located in Mississauga, Ontario. The founder of SafeLend worked in the auto industry in Central Ontario.


What credit score do I need?

There is no limit on scores, of high or low. We have created a special matrix with our lender partners to look beyond the credit score.


How does all paperwork get completed?

Right from the comfort of your home! We use an electronic signature platform that verifies the authenticity. It is a very easy program to use. All you need is an email address.


I was Bankrupt 2 times; can you help me?

YES, we have helped people with 2 bankruptcies, or 1 bankruptcy and one proposal. There are different discussions to be had for all of those situations.


I am self-employed, have no paystubs, is that ok?

YES, if the lender required Proof of Income, we can use bank statements.

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