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We have helped secure

the lowest rates and best approvals

for hundreds of Canadians.

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We help you save money by lowering the interest rate on your current car loan...

Happy saving Money with SafeLend Canada Refinancing

Our Mission

We believe Canadian vehicle owners have the right to finance and refinance a vehicle at the best rate possible, period.


SafeLend Canada’s mission is to be the leader in auto loan optimization throughout our beautiful country by providing automotive finance and car loan refinance solutions alternative to the mainstream, helping you achieve your financial goals by decreasing your  overall loan amounts and lowering interest rates, while allowing you to keep your current vehicle.

“We vow to treat all of our clients with respect and compassion like they are one of our own family”

Our Purpose

We believe people should be informed about their financial options especially if the unexpected happens.  However, we are aware that this is an area that is commonly skipped or overlooked.


We understand that people may feel embarrassed or even afraid to ask for financial help. That’s why our services are simple, user friendly and informative, all completed within the comfort of your home or work place.

We aim to treat all our clients fairly, without judgment and with a genuine desire to help.


Everyone feels as if they are part of the family. 

Happy Smile with SafeLend Canada Refinancing
Couple in Car with SafeLend Canada Refinancing

We Believe

  • We believe you have the right to pay the lowest interest rate possible on your current car loan.

  • We believe a high-interest car loan should not feel like a jail sentence.

  • We believe a lower interest rate could save you thousands of dollars in interest.

  • We believe you shouldn't have to trade in your vehicle to lower your interest rate.

  • We believe a lower interest will allow you to lower your car loan and pay it off faster.

  • We believe lowering your car loan interest rate should be fast and easy.

  • We believe having the correct information about your car loan will lead you to make better decisions about your money

  • We believe it was time for a company to have your interest at heart.

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