Mechanical and Credit Protection

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Warranty Coverage and Loan Protection to Suit Your Needs

SafeLend is proud to offer a large range of products to dealerships and directly to customers without having to leave your home or purchase a new vehicle. SafeLend Canada has been able to secure a robust line of mechanical breakdown coverages and loan protection plans to cover any unexpected life or financial changes.

Loan Protection Plans

Imagine not being able to work because of an illness, injury or an involuntary loss of employment? Would you be able to carry the financial load until you are able to start working again?

Like most Canadians, an unexpected disability or death may very well strain the household finances and you would want to have peace of mind knowing your vehicle payments are covered or the entire amount owing is completely paid for leaving your vehicle as an asset and not a liability to your surviving family members. You can keep your vehicle, have your payments made on time and protect your valuable credit.

Identity Restoration

Anyone at any age is vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. Having to recover from such a catastrophic occurrence such as; bank or credit cards stolen or compromised, mail or auto-theft, personal data from stolen computers or mobile devices or memory sticks, even losing your wallet or purse that contains more things than you realize until it has happened to you. Any of these happening would be exhausting, time consuming, and genuinely downright overwhelming.

*1 in 4 Canadians in 2019 experienced an incident of Identity Theft.
*Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the world.
*27% of Canadians surveyed by Equifax feel vulnerable as a target for fraud by means of a lost or stolen wallet or purse.
Nearly all Canadians surveyed (94%) reported concerns about being a victim of fraud and 61% admitted worry about the time it takes to fix the affected account's.

SafeLend Canada ID Restoration offers the most up-to-date restoration solutions in Canada. We provide a 24/7 service to give you peace of mind as we do the hard work on your behalf allowing you to continue on with your daily routine uninterrupted. Who wouldn’t want that? Do you want to take that risk???

Mechanical Breakdown Coverages

As a complement to our comprehensive suite of protection plans, SafeLend is excited to be able to offer one of the industry’s most robust mechanical breakdown coverages! 

With coverages and options available to meet your every conceivable need, whether driving an older model with high mileage or using your vehicle commercially, we'll have you covered anywhere in North America.

We provide our customers with coverage specific to their needs, driving habits and budget. We cover the vast majority of brands and models including “high end”, “luxury”, “commercial” and even “modified” vehicles. We even provide flexible payment options! We ensure that our customers are buying exactly what makes sense for their situation and not getting into anything they don’t need or understand. We'll guide you through the process and eliminate any confusion.

We’ll Help You Properly Protect Your Investment So You Can Drive With Confidence!

Coverage Highlights

          ·Modified Vehicle Coverage
           ·Commercial &  Business Use Vehicle Coverage
           ·Luxury Vehicles
           ·High-Tech Component Coverage
           ·Current Plus 20 model Years Old Eligibility
           ·No Vehicle Inspections
           ·Flexible Deductibles
           ·Flexible Payment Options
           ·Lifted/Lowered/Oversized Tire Eligibility
           ·Towing, Battery Service, Rental Expense, Flat Tire Service
              Fluid Delivery, Lockout Service… and much more!


Choose the type of coverage

We have a wide variety of great Mechanical  and Credit Protection coverages available to choose from
We offer same day coverage and even finance options so you don't have to pay up front for the coverages you choose. We can chat to help you with the process.


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We have discussion about what kind of options you're looking for, what we can do to help, and then we find the best available protections for your specific needs.


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We will finalize the process by securing the best available coverages and then applying it to your  vehicle or you can pay separately, its your choice!. It's a simple process that creates real comfort and security.

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