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What is Loan Payment Protection Insurance?

Loan protection insurance is a simple and affordable way to protect your repayment obligations under a loan agreement in the event of death, sickness, accident or involuntary loss of employment to make payment on an outstanding indebtedness.


Life With Dismemberment Benefit

Disability Benefit

Critical Illness Benefit

Involuntary Unemployment Benefit


  • Guaranteed Issue up to $250,000 for Life and/or Critical Illness.

  • Guaranteed Issue up to $6,000 per month for Disability and/or Involuntary Unemployment.

  • Issue ages 18-64 with no medical questions asked and no impact on any current insurance in place.

  • Life coverage includes accidental dismemberment.

  • Critical Illness covers many life threatening conditions like Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke etc.

  • Disability has No restrictions on back, neck, mental, nervous conditions.

  • Consider Involuntary Unemployement option to cover you during unexpected job loss.

  • Monthly pay options includes waiver of premium. This insurance will be paid while you are on claim.


Should you get it?

While none of us want to think about these types of misfortunes that could happen in our future, if you can’t continue to make the payments on your loan, the loan protection insurance will ensure there won’t be any additional financial burden on top of any other worries.

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