The Flawless Car Loan Refinance Process For Vehicle Owners In Canada.

Updated: Aug 16

Up until now, the only way to refinance your auto loan was to enter a dealership. You then have to leave your old car behind to move into a new one...which doesn't sound too bad at first.

However, what many consumers don't know is that by doing this you are now adding negative equity and extending your loan term which means you're now paying the bank even more money in interest...'s a vicious circle of debt, which you do not need to be forced to do!

Well, we would like to show you the Flawless Refinance Process that SafeLend Canada can now extend to you...

This means you can SAVE money - YES - SAVE money and it's a quick and easy process that will literally only take about 15 minutes of your time to do - SafeLend Canada goes to work for you to do the rest.

Let's break down the Flawless Refinance Process for you:

STEP 1: You initiate contact with a SafeLend Canada Refinance Specialist over the phone.

You can call directly 1-833-846-7633 or book an appointment online through the SafeLend website here.

Once on the phone with one of our auto loan refinance specialists, they will explain everything to you. This is not a sales call where they will be trying to sell you something but an opportunity now available in Canada by SafeLend to refinance your car loan on your current vehicle.

Our vehicle refinance experts are not high-pressure sales teams! On the contrary, SafeLend Canada's car loan refinance specialists will focus on lowering your auto loan rate by refinancing your car loan, which allows you to choose to either lower your monthly payments OR you can choose to shorten the term on your loan.

Which ever choice you make YOU are the winner here because you inevitably are getting HUGE savings on the total amount of interest you're paying to a lender.

STEP 2: After a brief 10-15 minute conversation with your friendly SafeLend Canada vehicle Refinance Specialist, you'll be asked to gather a few photos of documentation to begin the process all through text or email.

Examples of documents required:

  • Driver's License

  • Vehicle

  • Vehicle Registration

  • Valid Insurance Slip

  • Mileage

  • VIN Plate from dashboard or inside drivers side door

  • Void Cheque/Pre-Authorization Payment Plan Form

  • Copy of payout from current lender

  • Proof of current interest rate (current contract) as we are now going to lower that for you (Don't fret on this one if you can't find it - your current lender can always email this to you)

In this short conversation with your SafeLend Auto Refinance Specialist, you'll be asked some pre-qualifying questions.

For Example:

  • What year is your vehicle?

  • Is your current car loan in good standing?

  • Has your credit improved or stayed the same since starting this car loan?

Something that may surprise you is that the decisions made towards your vehicle refinancing opportunity are not based on your credit score.

Our onboard lender partners use different factors and qualifications which actually make the process much easier for the consumer with a very high approval ratio.

STEP 3: Your SafeLend Refinance Specialist will share your info with 1 of their lender partners.

Yes, that's right. SafeLend takes pride in maintaining strong partnerships and not putting their clients into a tank of sharks to fight over...

We have lender partnerships that work collaboratively together with SafeLends team to find you the best rate possible for you. The lenders that SafeLend Canada has chosen to work with share the same passion to help consumers offering this special refinance opportunity. Both SafeLend and its partners believe that everyone deserves to have the chance to improve their credit standing and save their hard-earned money.

Consumers should be able to feel confident with their financial decisions being given a breakdown of why refinancing their auto loan with SafeLend benefits the consumer - both SafeLend and its lender partners are on the consumer's side looking out for your best interest - not their numbers - that's just who SafeLend Canada and it's lenders are.

Read the numerous outstanding Google reviews that multiply daily by happy clients who have gone through the process. Reviews speak for themselves in volumes - you can't make this stuff up! Every day, many Canadians across the country are hopping on board and saving themselves thousands of dollars - why wouldn't you do the same - don't you deserve that? It is a win-win opportunity for everyone - How do you say no to that?!?!

FINAL STEP 4: Once verified, your SafeLend Canada Refinance Specialist will contact you to let you know that an e-doc is on it's way to you via email for you to sign.

Yes - it's that easy - it's completely digital - no pen or paper needed here!

Your signed e-doc initiates the new lender to payout your old lender loan and just like that the process is complete. Honestly, it's taken me much longer to write this blog than it will take you to complete the process...LOL!!

The most exciting part (besides the money-saving part of!) but really, the best part of all it all is that you - the SafeLend Canada client will spend no more than 15 minutes of your time on this saving opportunity, the rest of the time required is spent by SafeLend Canada who goes to work for you to save YOU money.

Do you have 15 minutes to save yourself money?

It's really an easy one to think about - 15 minutes = Saved money in your pocket plus improved credit too!

If you can think of a reason to say "No" to this opportunity we'd love to hear it ....Challenge Accepted???

A SafeLend Canada Auto Refinance Specialist is waiting to get you started - can you hear the phone ringing yet?? What will you do with your new savings??


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