Are You Ready for Winter?

Are You Ready For Winter? Ice, Snow, Poor Conditions... It's all on it's way in Canada and we need to be prepared for it!

As Canadians, we know what to expect this time of year. However, most of us go into denial that the white stuff is coming and we procrastinate. By doing so, we may leave doing what we need to do too late, leaving both you and others around you in danger; a vehicle that is not ready for the winter climates and conditions on the road. SafeLend Canada are the Auto Refinance Experts and want to help you look after the vehicle you own.


Winter Tires Some parts of Canada have made it mandatory for vehicles to have snow tires on this time of year from October 1st-April 30th. Most of Canada it is strongly recommended for you to have the right tires if you plan to drive in winter weather conditions. Whether you choose to swap out your regular tires for snow tires or not, you should monitor tire pressure regularly as the weather gets colder. Low tire pressure is common in cold weather conditions as fluctuating temperatures can cause the air in your tires to expand and contract. This can lead to greater wear and tear, diminished performance, and even an accident.


Winter Wipers

Wiper blades lose their effectiveness faster than we think and there is nothing worse than not being able to see out your windshield.

Once you start noticing streaks on the windshield after every swipe.

When starting your engine in really cold weather, save your windshield wipers and use an ice scraper or de-icer to remove ice from your windshield. When you park your car outside, and if you know snow or ice are expected, fold your wipers out to prevent them from freezing and sticking to the windshield.

Windshield wipers are not all made for snow, as snow and freezing rain is much heavier. Winter blades have a tougher tensile strength that allows them to sweep off the ice on your windshield without difficulties and issues. Moreover, these blades are further coated with an extra layer of protection, wrapping the hinges to prevent snow and ice buildup.


Winter Safety Kit

Stashing a winter emergency kit in your vehicle, especially when the cold weather arrives, offers peace of mind when you’re driving in bad weather, not to mention how thankful you'll be to have it if you ever get stranded somewhere.

Some winter survival kit items might include:

  • Flashlight (preferably crank-type, because batteries don’t last long in extreme cold)

  • Reflective safety triangles or flares - LED Flares

  • Small first-aid kit

  • Snow brush and scraper

  • Traction aids

  • Small shovel with long handle

  • Bag of abrasive material: sand, kitty litter (avoid road salt, which can cause your vehicle to rust)

  • Plenty of windshield washer fluid

  • Booster cables

  • Gas-line antifreeze

  • Lock de-icer (in extreme cold, keep it with you, rather than in your vehicle!)

  • Paper towels

  • Small tool kit (screwdriver, pliers, etc.) or a Multi-Tool

  • Extra fuses (for the vehicle’s electrical system)

  • Warm blanket

  • Extra socks, boots and gloves

  • Hand and foot warmers

  • Bottles of water

  • Granola bars/Energy Bars/Dried Food

  • A Phone Charger


Winter Preparedness

It is important to know what to do before you are in an emergency in case you ever get stuck. If you get stuck in a winter storm while driving:

  • Check your Windshield washer fluid and keep it topped up each gas tank fill

  • Keep your gas tank at least half full to avoid gas line freezes

  • Check your lights to make sure they are ALL in working condition + Keep them on at all times If you find yourself in a ditch

  • Do not leave your vehicle in fear of losing site of it

  • Do not run your car for long periods of time. Instead, turn it on long enough to stay warm, and then turn it off again to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning (Make sure tailpipe is clear of all snow)

  • Put your dome lights on to attract attention


Snow Cleaning

We know standing out in the snow cleaning on your vehicle is not anyones favourite activity but it has to be done. It is not only for your own safety for visibility but also other vehicles around you and behind you as you head to your destination. There is nothing worse than a chunk of snow or even worse Ice flying off from someones truck cab or an SUV roof and hitting your windshield unexpectedly. Winter driving is a lot about being considerate of others for both your safety and theirs. When cleaning off your vehicle remember to clean off all areas entirely: Roof Hood Windshield Back Window All side windows Mirrors Front and Back Lights Trucks empty snow off of cabs.


"Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it." ~AndyWarhol

We live in a beautiful country that gives us four wonderful seasons to enjoy to their fullest. Each season has its own beauty and everyone appreciates them differently. Winter may not be your favourite season, but it is a beautiful one that comes every year. Every year we see the snow, the freezing rain, shovel and experience freezing temperatures - so do our vehicles. SafeLend encourages you to be prepared for it and you'll appreciate it much more.

Drive Safe Canada

We at SafeLend are always looking out for Canadians and their vehicles. If you love your ride and don't want to part with it but are paying a high interest rate on your current vehicle - we can help you out. SafeLend Canada refinances Auto Loans to get you lower monthly payments and save you money.

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